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The Competition

Submission deadline has been extended to end of September


We are aware that the success of any youth-oriented initiative depends on the youth themselves. Accordingly, it widely opened the door for the youth to be traffic safety ambassadors to their peers, linking this ambassadorship to great cash rewards and to their ideas implementation.


Competition Theme for this year:

"The Use of Cell Phones While Driving"

This year, the "Aqdar Drive Safely" program focuses on the issue that causes the most accidents on roads: “the use of cell phones while driving”. The program focuses on this issue in all categories of the competition, so all participants must be aware of the importance of abstaining from the use of cell phones while driving.


Competition Categories:

The award is divided into three main categories:


Road Safety Campaign of the Year

The campaign should achieve a great deal of interaction among university youth, encouraging them to refrain from risky behaviors while driving, the top priority of which is abstaining from cell phone use.







Road Safety Mobile Phone Application of the Year

Students in this category must compete to innovate the best digital application for cell phones / tablets, through which competitors can change student behavioral tendencies. Student participants are to encourage their peers to assume great responsibility towards traffic safety issues, limiting the traffic accidents caused by cell phone use.








Road Safety Sculpture of the Year

Similar to Nissan's FYI sculpture which was the first step towards building this program, the award seeks to appeal to youth dislike for routine and give them the opportunity to create awareness through a visual statement calling for their artistic skills




Inspiring Awards

  • The first winner in each category receives 30,000 dirhams
  • The second winner in each category receives 10,000 dirhams
  • The third winner in each category receives 5,000 dirhams


Exceptional Awards

  • The winners of the three categories will receive a financial aid from Nissan Middle East to implement their ideas.


Training Awards

  • The winners of the three categories will receive the opportunity to work on implementing their ideas at Nissan Middle East HQ.


Terms & Conditions

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  • The use of this website shall be subject only to the purposes stated herein.
  • Website visitors shall abide by the non-infringement or non-trial of infringement of website safety whether by trespassing or unauthorized infiltration into the website or any other form of breach, malicious behaviour, or negligence.
  • Participation in this award shall be limited to university students in the UAE.
  • Nissan shall maintain its right to amend the competition’s conditions without prior notice or liability thereof.
  • Users shall be prohibited from referring to any automated operation to process, publish, monitor or copy any data in the award website.
  • Any content of the award website may be copied or used for the purposes of spreading awareness and broadening the circle of the targeted group’s participation in the award. Any use beyond this framework shall be subject to legal liability and proceedings.
  • If quoting any part of the website content for any purpose, the source of information or content shall be cited.